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Pocketbase - Open Source realtime backend in 1 file

I'm here today to talk about Pocketbase!, an Opensource back-end that is distributed in a single Go binary. More in the docs page... You heard me right, a single file. The magic behind this project is Go, compiled and built to use SQLite as it's database with a REST-ish API that packs a whole set of features. At the time of writing, a Javascript SDK exists to easily add on top with Svelte, React or what ever other front-end framework you like to use. Real time database (Powered by SQLite)Fi...
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From Macbook Pro 16 to PixelBook Go (My choice for 2020) — Part I

My daily driver the Google PixelBook Go. This article outlines my personal thoughts and does not reflect the ideas or thoughts of my employer (disclaimer). I simply want to give a 2020 outlook to the use of a Google Chromebook from a macOS Power user.I’ve recently purchased a Google PixelBook Go (i7/4K model), as well as the brand new Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch version replacing my current MacBook Pro 15.I’ll discuss why the need for the i7 Processor & 4K on a Chromebook later but let’s move...
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Sysadvent 2021 - Moving from Engineering Manager to IC

This is a recent blog post that I wrote that was accepted on Sysadvent 2021!Intro: Within the past month, I've had a radical change into a new role within my existing employer, for the past decade I was an SRE Manager building teams and a Tech Executive. I hope to summarize my experience including how that made me feel, moving into an IC Role. The thoughts and ideas in this article are from my own opinion and past experiences. For the past 6-8 years, I've been in an Engineering Manager/TechEx...
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My Backup Strategy

Hey All!Wanted to talk about my backup strategy for my digital life & family network. We all have those important files we want to keep safe & secure, whether they are Family Photos, Taxes, Hobby Projects that you eventually get back too ;) but never have time for, etc. In my home, my family uses a wide range of devices, PCs, Macs, Tablets, and everything in between but how do we keep it all backed up. Most services do offer cloud backups but in today's changing world where data is king ...
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